• Haroon Ur Rashid Plastic surgery department, Shifa international hospital.
  • Mamoon Rashid Shifa international Hospital , islamabad
  • Ishtiaq Ur Rehman Shifa international hospital , islamabad
  • Shumaila Yousaf Shifa international hospital , islamabad
  • Nasir Khan Shifa international Hospital ,islamabad
  • Aqsa Akhtar Shifa international hospital , islamabad
  • Farhan Ahmad Eitezaz Shifa international Hospital , Islamabad


Background: Free tissue transfer is a routine practice in adults with good success rates. Further advances in techniques and microsurgical skills have proved that free tissue transfer in paediatric population is feasible, reliable and safe. Methods: This study is conducted to compare anastomosis duration, total general anaesthesia duration, hospital stay and outcomes of flaps (survival, partial loss, complete loss, complications ) in paediatric  group ( age <15 years ) and adult group ( 15 -70 years age). All patients with large soft tissue defects, congenital defects , traumatic defects and post tumor extirpation were included in this study from December 1st 2017 to May 30th2018. These patients underwent different microsurgical procedures, the reconstructive armamentarium included use of Latissimus dorsi flap, Anterolateral thigh flap, Fibula flap, Radial forearm flap, functioning Gracillis muscle, iliac crest flap, Deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap and Rectus abdominis muscle flap. Post-traumatic defects were the commonest indication of free tissue transfer in Paediatric population while post tumor extirpation defects were commonest defects encountered in adult population. Results: On average the total anaesthesia duration is slightly shorter in paediatric group than in adult patients while anastomosis duration is slightly shorter in adults then in paediatric patients .The overall complication rate is comparable in both groups and all the flaps survived well. Conclusion: Microsurgical free tissue transfer can be confidently attempted in children and their results are comparable with those of adult group.

Author Biographies

Haroon Ur Rashid, Plastic surgery department, Shifa international hospital.

Final year resident plastic surgery departmentShifa international hospital islamabad

Mamoon Rashid, Shifa international Hospital , islamabad

FCPS, FRCS ,Professor of Plastic surgery ,Head of department of plastic surgery,Shifa international hospital ,Islamabad

Ishtiaq Ur Rehman, Shifa international hospital , islamabad

FCPS plastic surgery,Fellow plastic surgery , departmentShifa international hospital islamabad

Shumaila Yousaf, Shifa international hospital , islamabad

FCPS , plastic surgeryAssistant consultant , Plastic surgery department ,islamabad

Nasir Khan, Shifa international Hospital ,islamabad

Fourth year resident Plastic surgery department , shifa inetrnational hospital

Aqsa Akhtar, Shifa international hospital , islamabad

3rd year resident plastic surgery department ,Shifa intenational hospital , islamabad

Farhan Ahmad Eitezaz, Shifa international Hospital , Islamabad

FCPS,Fellow plastic surgery department ,Shifa international hospital ,Islamabad


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