• Asma Shaukat
  • Sumera Kazmi
  • Robina Shaheen


Background: The use of -blockers is limited by adverse effects such as bronchospasm in asthmatics.Third generation -blockers such as celiprolol may show better respiratory tolerability because theylack -blocker induced broncho-constriction. Method: Effect of celiprolol on the histamine inducedcontraction of tracheal muscle strips prepared from ovalbumin-sensitised guinea pigs was studied.Using oxygenated Krebs-Henseleit solution as the nutrient medium, the trachealis muscle activity wasmeasured with isometric force displacement transducer and recorded on 4-channel Oscillograph.Result: Celiprolol 10-4 M shifted the concentration-response curve of histamine downwards and to theright. Mean of amplitude of contraction, percent responses and deviations when compared with thecontrol group were significantly different (p<0.05). Conclusion: Celiprolol antagonised histamineinduced contractions of tracheal muscle of guinea pigs. So it may be considered safe in patients withasthma. However, further clinical evaluation and exploratory work is required.Keywords: Celiprolol, Histamine, Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease (COAD), Tracheal muscle


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