• Muhammad Al- Maneea
  • Saad Al Juhaim
  • Omar Al- hatlan
  • Omar Kujan
  • Bassel Tarakji
  • Saleh Azzegahiby
  • Ibrahim Azzegahiby
  • Richard KH Wyse
  • Mohammed W Al Rabia
  • Faris QB Alenzi


Background: The importance of specific animal allergy in immuno-pathology of asthma and atopic diseases remained to be defined. Methods: We measured total and specific IgE. Western blotting of some allergens was also characterised. Result: There was a significant elevation of IgE in 3 persons among 15 samples collected. Western blotting showed common husbandry allergens from 3 sources that have common allergenicity. Conclusion: Exposure to animal products exacerbates allergic asthma in adults, suggesting that preventive measures should be taken to reduce their sensitivity.Keywords: Animal Allergy, IgE, RAST, Asthma


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